Dialogue Banking

DEI Provides Dialogue Banking to Banks and Credit Unions

We continue to receive many compliments on the design and decor of the branch. The staff and members enjoy interacting without having the barriers of the traditional teller line. In fact, we have some members that come to the branch just to have coffee and chat with our employees!
— Melissa Walsh, Bridgeway FCU

As bank design evolves, the dialogue banking concept takes its cue from retail and hospitality forums.  The teller line is replaced with a teller “pod,” creating a relaxed, informal selling platform that hones in on relationship building and customer-focused cross-selling.

Each teller pod is customized to meet our client’s needs and takes advantage of heightened efficiencies when using cash dispensers/recyclers.  The redesigned teller concept provides more fluid interactions between tellers and customers by focusing on exceptional customer service.