Richard Grow
Richard GrowPresident & CEO

Richard is the founder of DEI Incorporated. He is responsible for establishing DEI’s corporate direction and specializes in predicting trends in financial facilities with special emphasis on customer service and satisfaction.  He is a working principal and takes an active role in major projects.  He has over 30 years of experience in designing, building, furnishing, and equipping financial facilities.

Professional & Personal Organizations

  • Advisory Board, UC Hospital
  • Cincinnati Chamber of Commerce
  • Chief Executive Network
  • Credit Union Executives Society
  • National Independent Bank Equipment and System Association
  • TAB — The Alternative Board

Bill Speelman
Bill Speelman Executive Vice President, Pre-Production

Bill is the Executive Vice President of Pre-Production at DEI.  He coordinates project milestones during the design phase, production of construction documents, and specification/installation of interior finishes and casework.  He also acts as the main contact for information during the construction process.

Professional & Personal Organizations

  • Registered Architect

  • Author of a children’s book

  • G.C. License Qualifier in North Carolina, Tennessee, California, Florida, Oregon, Utah, and West Virginia

Jeff Stupak
Jeff Stupak Chief Financial Officer

Jeff is a Certified Public Accountant with more than 35+ years of professional experience.  As DEI’s Chief Financial Officer, he is responsible for the financial administration of the company, including project cost and financial statement preparation.

Professional Organizations

  • American Institute of Public Accountants

Herb Jagels
Herb JagelsExecutive Vice President, Construction

Herb is DEI’s Executive Vice President of Construction.  With 25+ years of professional experience in Construction Project Management, he is responsible for all construction staff and monitors the schedules and budgets of each construction project.

Professional Organizations

  • G.C. License Qualifier in Florida, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia, West Virginia, Louisiana, Arizona and Arkansas

Jennifer King
Jennifer KingDirector, Construction Services

As our Director of Construction Services, Jennifer works in tandem with each Project Manager and manages building permit requirements, contractor licensing, procurement, warranty and oversees all administration of a project from contract through completion.  She also oversees all administrative staff within DEI.

Regional Vice Presidents

Jeff Boehmer
Jeff BoehmerDirector of Sales
Bob Boehmer
Bob BoehmerRegional Vice President Midwest
Don Neill
Don NeillRegional Vice President Southwest
Justin Sweetman
Justin SweetmanRegional Vice President Southeast
Scott Randall
Scott RandallRegional Vice President Northeast

Strategic Planning

Mike King
Mike King Vice President of Strategic Planning

Design Team

Tom Montchai
Tom MontchaiDesign Architect
Holger Gerdes
Holger Gerdes3D Visualization & Concept Development
Brandon Eckhart
Brandon Eckhart3D Visualization & Concept Development
Jenny Sweeney
Jenny SweeneyInterior Design
Jared Powell
Jared PowellInterior Design
Erin Jackson
Erin JacksonInterior Design
Andy Huth
Andy HuthGraphic Design

Project Managers

Jamie Case
Jamie CaseProject Manager
Randy Roeding
Randy RoedingProject Manager