The financial services industry is changing, evolving, and sometimes even repeating history. The baseline fact is that you must keep up with the current industry happenings.

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Years ago, I interviewed at 2-different places within days of each other.  The first literally had NO windows in the entire place, the interior was antiquated and dark, and the employees were library quiet.  At the second place, I could see outside from almost every room in the building.  The lighting was bright and the colors were cheerful.  And the employees smiled.  When it came time to decide on which job, I wanted to work at the place where everyone seemed happy.

Gensler Research Institute explains in a recent study that buildings should be designed to create an experience.  And experiential design has become the norm.  A better design equals a better experience, including six significant factors:  beauty, novelty, authenticity, clarity, inspiration, and sense of welcome.

Our design team recognizes that “every place and space today is ultimately competing on the experience it delivers.” That includes office space, as well as retail and financial centers.  When you walk in, your experience begins.

Although it’s considered the latest “trend,” it’s good practice to create space that can be multi-functional, flexible, and adaptable.  According to Gensler’s study, a key finding is that “everyone is doing everything, everywhere” – ultimately, it’s important to take stock of the space you have and how it is being used.

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