What We Do

A national design/build company that specializes in unique, retail-driven facilities for banks and credit unions.

A Destination

As a total turnkey provider, we design retail sales environments by incorporating all aspects of facility planning, from site search and selection, strategic analysis and planning, through architecture, construction, interior design and retail merchandising.

At DEI, we design and build to grow your business.



DEI knows that financial facilities have unique design requirements. With over sixty-five years experience, our design staff creates dynamic facilities to attract your target market through well-integrated retail, interior, and architectural design.  Our unique spaces create high-visibility areas to showcase the financial institution's available products and services as well as incorporate the brand message throughout the facility.

Let your building be your sign.

We like DEI’s interior and exterior branch design skills, and the thought process put into how members would be using the branch lobby. Every aspect of the design was given careful consideration as to how it fit in with the functionality of the branch, as well as Centra’s branding.
— Mike Montgomery, Centra Credit Union

Interior Design

A fundamental part of any facility is its look and feel. You want your environment to "speak" to the visitor with an enticing floor plan, enthusiastic color, bold fixtures, and casework that integrates ever-changing technology and delivery methods. The DEI team of interior designers understand the importance that each element plays and creates an environment where form & function compliment colors and textures within the facility. Working closely with the Retail Merchandising Department, DEIs interior designers provide bank designs with a truly unique retail environment.


An effective brand is much more than a pretty logo or an identifiable mark - it is a promise. It is not only a promise to your clients that instills confidence and trust, but also a promise to your employees that strengthens loyalty. The consistent look and strong identity of a well-developed brand will differentiate you from the competition and, ultimately, aid in attracting and retaining clients.

Whether developing a new brand or updating and refreshing an existing one, DEI can help identify and develop your brand identity and apply the visual and creative interpretation of this identity to the design and construction of your facility.

Branding Services

  • Brand audit & evaluation
  • Competitive audit & analysis
  • Consumer research
  • Brand character development
  • Image strategy
  • Positioning statement crafting
  • Naming/renaming
  • Logo design
  • Brand standards and usage guidelines
  • Integration/implementation of brand

Retail Design

DEI has set itself apart from others in the architectural design/build industry by creating unique retail sales environments. Our goal is to make your facility stand out from the competition. Before we design a floor plan, we interview our clients via a think tank approach to understand their brand image and strategy. The DEI design team then creates a facility design integrating architecture, interior design and retail merchandising elements to bring your brand to life within a facility and create a custom retail sales environment.

We continue to receive many compliments on the design and decor of the branch. The staff and members enjoy interacting without having the barriers of the traditional teller line. In fact, we have some members that come to the branch just to have coffee and chat with our employees!
— Melissa Walsh, Bridgeway FCU


DEI is design/build company which allows us to handle all aspects of a design and construction project.  A key advantage to this method is single source responsibility, which eliminates the possibility of miscommunication between client, contractor, and architect. This provides financial advantages as well as unparalleled performance guarantees.

Design/build is also a financially efficient method of construction because the company preparing the design is also responsible for the bottom line of the project. The success of the project rests only in the hands of the design/build company. And, with DEI, you'll not only benefit from working with a design/build company, but one with years of experience and in-depth knowledge of credit union and bank construction.

Strategic Planning

An important component of our turnkey solution for your project is the Strategic Planning Study. The purpose of the study is to provide a plan that encompasses the projected service delivery and preliminary physical facilities requirements for a 5- and 10-year planning period. The various components of the Study include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Demographic characteristics evaluation
  • Competitive analysis
  • Historical analysis
  • Strategy development/recommended delivery system locations
  • Growth, staff and space projections
  • Site evaluation/selection
  • Financial feasibility analysis

The Strategic Planning Study will provide the information from which your Management Team and Board of Directors can make a prudent business decision. Creating this roadmap for the future of your bank or credit union will help insure the success and growth of your business.