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The New Normal: Social Distancing in Branches


As we slowly transition back to an environment that allows customers/members to enter financial buildings, FI’s are faced with two very different challenges: Providing a safe physical environment for both customers/members and employees. Providing digital channels for those that are still hesitant to enter a branch. When financial and retail outlets re-open, the public will be expecting to see controls in place to minimize any contagions. Below are some branch operations items to consider as you welcome people back to your physical locations. How often will the branch facilities be cleaned and sanitized? Will branch employees be required to assist? Will [...]

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Staying Productive in the Winter Months


The holidays are over.  The twinkle lights and the decorations are all stashed away for another year.  And now – and now, what?  If you’re like me, the cold and darker days of the winter months have me dragging myself through the day on autopilot.  But now is not the time to stagnate.  There are ways to help your staff stay engaged. Some tricks for a more motivated staff are simple, explains an article on Forbes.com: Stay social. Encourage your people not to eat at their desk alone.  Eating with co-workers helps keep us from feeling isolated and encourages healthy, working [...]

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The concept of Hygge peaked in 2016 but, as we move into the 2020 winter season, we are reminded that the feeling of warmth, contentment, and well- being is still ever present. Pronounced “hoo-guh,” the word is Danish in origin and translates to cozy, and winter is the most hygge time of the year. It can be used as a noun, verb, adjective, and compound noun and is present in the small things in life – but particularly it is a psychological state or feeling of warmth. Louisa Thomsen Brits, a British-Danish writer, casts hygge as a state of mindfulness: how to [...]

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