DEI is a nationally known expert in design/build construction, specializing in designing and building facilities for financial institutions. We take this work seriously­—even though it’s your name on the door, we approach the creation of every new facility as if it were our own. We focus on bringing your new facility to life—on-brand and on-budget. Our design and build teams are fully integrated, which provides seamless project management and complete accountability with an expertise that ensures the completed project aligns with your vision.


Whether bringing new life to an existing facility or rethinking the operational and customer/member experience of your space, the DEI team brings a fresh perspective to your project and a proven track record of powerful and creative brand implementation.


At DEI, we always have a pulse on the latest news, trends, and insights.

38+ years of dedication, ethics, and innovation in the Design/Build industry.



BrightStar’s first corporate headquarters in Cooper City keeps Broward County members close while combining functions and staff into one world-class building.

New Projects


DEI is always in conversation with progressive organizations searching for the right mix of brand, space, efficient utilization, and community connection.  Here are a few of our pending projects that we’ll kick off in the months ahead.  Stay tuned right here to see more upcoming projects! You might just see something that jump-starts an idea for your organization! SEE MORE


New challenges require new approaches.

For creative, customer-centric solutions, let DEI guide your build/renovation. From ground-up to remodel, our approach creates structures that connect with customers— inside and out.



DEI is different.  Sure, we design, build, and deliver amazing spaces that capture your organization’s essence and connect the community to your brand—but that’s just the “ticket to entry” in working with you.  With us, your organization and customer/member base get more than just the basics of on-time and on-budget.

The true difference lies in our process and execution.

From our proven planning, analysis, and site selection through our integrated design/build, to our brand specialists who tie everything together, DEI delivers above and beyond.

  • We deliver efficiency.

  • We deliver a unique experience.

  • We deliver a fully integrated brand.

  • We deliver a facility that stands the test of time.

  • We deliver just for you!

There’s a lot to say about the DEI difference, and our clients say it best.

Mike King evaluated our market and competitive characteristics and compiled projections that provided a plan for Campco’s future. This critical information helped us find the best location for our new main office. Also, our visit to Ohio and the follow-up after our project was designed and built showed that DEI has the complete package from beginning to end.

Kurt Thelen, Campco Federal Credit Union

Visions has partnered with DEI for 25 years, and they are a valuable partner. Their service and attention to detail is top-notch, and their team is consistently flexible and creative. We are very excited to see what DEI has in store for our next project.

Lisa Darling, Visions Federal Credit Union

DEI is honest and fair in their pricing, professional and knowledgeable in all aspects of building construction and local code, and very clever in their design. We have received numerous accolades from customers and community groups for the work that DEI performed for us.

Michael Widmer, Northfield Bank

DEI turned a small rectangular space into a showplace. The design and execution went exactly to plan.

Allan Prindle, Power Financial CU
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