• Dedication – (ded-i-kay-shon) a devotion of one’s time and energy to a special purpose

  • Ethics – (eth-iks) moral philosophy; moral principles

  • Innovation – (in-uho-vay-shon) an introduction to a new process or way of doing things

Over the last 30 years, DEI has evolved into a strong, forward-thinking architectural design/build company, continuously researching new ways to better advance the financial industry. To date, DEI has designed, built or remodeled over 1,800 financial facilities and our purpose is to provide state-of-the-art retail facilities that help clients improve their return on investment.

Since 1985, DEI has transformed banks into retail environments, a place to cross-sell products and services, improve efficiencies and increase the bottom line. But, more importantly, DEI designed welcoming consumer-centric destinations that attract families as well as commercial customers. We design environments where trusting, long-lasting financial partnerships can begin. DEI is the leader in creating banking facilities that use the latest technology and delivery systems. Our clients realize an increase in efficiency in both administration and customer service.

We challenge ourselves daily to provide unique sales environments for our clients based on demographic research, our clients’ future goals and objectives and, most importantly, a building that they will consider an investment. Over 74% of our clients are repeat business. Our goal is to establish long-term relationships and become our client’s business partner.

DEI prides itself in providing an innovative, quality project that is on time and within budget.