The holidays are over.  The twinkle lights and the decorations are all stashed away for another year.  And now – and now, what?  If you’re like me, the cold and darker days of the winter months have me dragging myself through the day on autopilot.  But now is not the time to stagnate.  There are ways to help your staff  stay engaged.

Some tricks for a more motivated staff are simple, explains an article on

  • Stay social. Encourage your people not to eat at their desk alone.  Eating with co-workers helps keep us from feeling isolated and encourages healthy, working relationships.
  • Speaking of eating – eat healthier! This is cold and flu season.  Offer healthy snacks around the office.  Healthier equals happier AND less sick days.
  • Get Active! Everyone feeling a little sluggish?  Maybe a good-natured office competition to keep people moving is in order.
  • Stay warm! Set the office at a comfortable temperature.  When employees are cold, they are thinking about how to get warm rather than the work in front of them.
  • Spring clean your desk! What a great way to start off the new year in the right direction!  Clean out old files.  Get rid of things that are no longer useful. You will be less overwhelmed and feel less stressed.

According to the site, it is also important that employees know their work has purpose.  Employees that are involved in goal-setting, rather than simply being told what to do, are 3.6 times more likely to be engaged.  Now’s a great time to sit down with each employee and:

  • Establish exactly what is expected of them
  • Help them visualize success in their role
  • Highlight their contribution’s significance

We’re all looking forward to warmer temperatures, longer days, and trading in snow boots for sandals.  Until that happens, giving staff things to look forward to in a comfortable and encouraging environment can help give your people focus.