Breathe new life into your branch network through better strategy, planning and analysis.

First of all, let’s start with a “we understand” …

  • The heartache of aging branches.
  • The challenge of changing communities.
  • The reality of evolving customer branch use patterns.
  • The impact of competitive challenges.
  • The need to integrate new technology.

We’ve seen it all—and developed a strategy to maximize it or crafted a plan to overcome it!  Single branch, branch network, LPO into full service, new market, market fill-in—all require unique strategic assessment and evaluation. When it comes to branches, branch planning, and space utilization, experience matters. A four-step process is what it takes to create an effective, data-driven approach to your branch’s challenges.

Step 1: Identify your marketplace realities.

Knowing the demographic profile, psychographic tendencies and patterns of growth is a great start…but turning the data into actionable insights is the key. What does it tell you and how do you plan for today? Tomorrow? 10 years from now?

Step 2: Assess your branch output, patterns, placement and growth potential.

Customers/members display behavior. Behavior creates data. Data drives decisions. Crafting a detailed approach to modeling and assessment creates the roadmap for your efforts, focus and necessary level of investment.

Step 3: Determine the best market approach.

Hub-and-spoke branches? ATMs? ITMs? Drive-thrus? Knowing the options is not the challenge. Determining the right approach for you and that specific market is the difference.

                        Phases?   |   Stages?  |  New market?  |  Existing market?

Step 4: Craft your tailored plan.

Transitioning data into insights, insights into a plan and a plan into reality is the DEI specialty. We’ll help you plan for:

  • Branch type
  • Positioning
  • Technology integration
  • Space utilization
  • Growth planning
  • Staff expert access

The DEI Strategic Assessment is the first step in any successful branch evaluation. Whether a single branch, branch network or approach to new markets, we are your expert guide.