Quick. Name every piece of furniture in your living room. Think hard. The easy ones come fast—sofa, end table, even light. Not quite as dominant as furniture but a big part of the picture as well are accent pieces and accessories: books on the end table, the art on the wall, the color of the frames, etc. They are hard to recall. It’s a phenomenon that happens to us all. A room becomes so familiar that, in a sense, we stop seeing it for what it is.

Now, apply the same test to your branches and operations centers.

  • Tired paint?
  • Old wallpaper on the walls?
  • Carpet showing more than average wear, threads here and there?
  • Colors muted now from the years of sunlight, dust, and wear?

We still see what we saw 10 years ago or longer; the “brand and image” has blended into the background and become just “furniture” to use and space to visit.

Maybe it’s time to press pause and evaluate your current situation. We recently did it ourselves by revamping our website and putting ourselves in our customers’ shoes, and we saw what we hadn’t seen before. We had added content to our website regularly, updated project photos, and edited our page with staff promotions and changes, but we had not stepped back, paused, and truly evaluated the “message” we were sending with a website that didn’t always reflect the true nature of our industry-leading work and thought.

It needed updating, refreshing, and some rethinking.

And probably so do your branches, operations centers, and back-office workspaces.

Sometimes just a refresh might do … new furniture pieces, fresh paint, etc. But it may also be time for a rethink of your space’s usefulness, the work environment, the brand messaging it conveys, or just removing the “1998” time stamp of colors and images.

This is where we can help you. We bring a fresh perspective, clear vision and helpful ideas on what the space “could become” or “how” to refresh a space and add energy.

Give us a shout and let’s press “pause” together. You can visit our Think Tank space to reimagine your space needs, and we can evaluate the physical space and provide ideas, thoughts and visual images of what might be truly possible.