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What is the branch of the future?


What is the branch of the future? By Brandon Eckhart, 3D Visualization & Concept Development, DEI Incorporated The branch of the future. is a request we regularly get from clients looking to showcase technology in their space. However, rather than focusing on what technology to use, a better question would be what role does technology play in bettering the experience? From a visitor’s perspective, one typically enters a branch when they need to talk to someone about a specific financial issue. With that in mind, any technology that allows employees to be more accessible is a worthwhile investment. Many [...]

What is the branch of the future?2024-06-13T17:35:19+00:00

Should our HQ include a retail branch?


Should our HQ include a retail branch? By Kim Rittmeier, Marketing Manger, DEI Incorporated Finding land and designing and building a corporate headquarters that will attract and retain quality employees can be challenging. But should it also include a branch? It depends on your goals. Are you renovating an existing building or building new? Are you locating the HQ in a specific area to attract members? Or management/staff? Renovating or New Building If you’re renovating an existing building, space may be at a premium to accommodate each department and provide adequate amenities for employees. If that’s the case, including [...]

Should our HQ include a retail branch?2024-05-17T14:59:51+00:00

What does an Environmental Graphic Designer Do?


What does an environmental Graphic Designer Do? By Michael Weiman, Environmental Graphic Designer, DEI Incorporated I have been a graphic designer for over two decades now, and I always find it funny that people don't know what I do for a living. Most think I make logos all day or just get to doodle. I have watched my parents introduce me and try to tell others what I do, and they even get it wrong sometimes. So, what does an environmental graphic designer do? Yes, I do get to doodle sometimes, but an environmental designer does a lot more. [...]

What does an Environmental Graphic Designer Do?2024-04-18T14:56:30+00:00

Thoughts from Interior Design Co-op Michele Yang


Thoughts from Interior Design Co-op, Michele Yang By Michele Yang, Interior Design Co-op, DEI Incorporated During my two semesters as a co-op at DEI, I have gained a lot of insight on what an interior designer does in the field and had many opportunities to learn and grow. A notable aspect of working at a design-build firm, such as DEI, is being able to see all the different fields that go into creating a building from start to finish, such as construction, architecture, graphics, marketing, and sales. By working with these fields, I have gained an understanding of the [...]

Thoughts from Interior Design Co-op Michele Yang2024-03-15T18:23:23+00:00

What is Biophilia design and why it’s something to consider


What is Biophilia design and why it's something to consider By Sammie Luna, Interior Designer, DEI Incorporated Biophilia is a concept that has been explored for years and has recently had great success in the world of design.  However, since COVID, the need and strive for biophilic designs has grown to be more important and sought after.  COVID forced many companies to learn how to function remotely in order to survive the pandemic.  The companies that are still standing have faced difficulty in bringing their employees back into the office.  Employees who were required to work from home for [...]

What is Biophilia design and why it’s something to consider2024-02-07T19:11:15+00:00

Perspective from a DEI Graphics Co-Op


Perspective of a DEI Graphics Co-Op By Talita O'Brien, Environmental Graphic Design, DEI Incorporated As a co-op student, I had the unique opportunity to gain real work experience as an environmental graphic design intern at DEI while fulfilling my college curriculum. Since starting my co-op semester in August, I have been directly involved with making designs that would one day be seen in buildings all over the United States. While the learning curve of environmental graphic design was initially steep, my mentors were patient with my many questions and encouraged me through praise and constructive criticism of the designs [...]

Perspective from a DEI Graphics Co-Op2024-01-18T18:51:58+00:00

Engagement Spaces


Engagement Spaces By Jared Powell Interior Design, DEI Incorporated Creating vibrant and engaging workspaces has become an essential aspect of modern business strategies, especially as we navigate the evolving landscape post-COVID. As we envision the expansion of our businesses and the cultivation of thriving communities, the central focus shifts towards fostering meaningful connections with our end-users and within our company ranks. The resurgence of interest in returning to physical offices among larger firms and institutions presents a unique opportunity for reimagining the workplace. However, the key lies not just in coaxing individuals back to the office but in providing [...]

Engagement Spaces2024-01-02T19:01:10+00:00

Cause for Pause:Take Time to Evaluate Your Branch Image and Brand


Quick. Name every piece of furniture in your living room. Think hard. The easy ones come fast—sofa, end table, even light. Not quite as dominant as furniture but a big part of the picture as well are accent pieces and accessories: books on the end table, the art on the wall, the color of the frames, etc. They are hard to recall. It’s a phenomenon that happens to us all. A room becomes so familiar that, in a sense, we stop seeing it for what it is. Now, apply the same test to your branches and operations centers. Tired paint? [...]

Cause for Pause:Take Time to Evaluate Your Branch Image and Brand2022-02-04T22:53:39+00:00
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