Perspective of a DEI Graphics Co-Op

By Talita O’Brien, Environmental Graphic Design, DEI Incorporated

As a co-op student, I had the unique opportunity to gain real work experience as an environmental graphic design intern at DEI while fulfilling my college curriculum. Since starting my co-op semester in August, I have been directly involved with making designs that would one day be seen in buildings all over the United States. While the learning curve of environmental graphic design was initially steep, my mentors were patient with my many questions and encouraged me through praise and constructive criticism of the designs that I produced. I was involved in DEI’s design team as a professional rather than just a student, and my growth as a designer since August has been exponential. I have learned how to plan graphics around architectural floor plans, how to inform my design choices with interior design materials, and how to prep my graphics for physical production. In addition to the design skills which I have gleaned from working at the company, I have also learned the importance of operating in a cohesive team to produce high quality work for clients. I am thankful for my time at DEI Inc and will carry forth what I have learned this semester in all my future years as a designer.

About DEI Incorporated

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