Branch is NOT a 4-letter word!


Breathe new life into your branch network through better strategy, planning and analysis. First of all, let’s start with a “we understand” … The heartache of aging branches. The challenge of changing communities. The reality of evolving customer branch use patterns. The impact of competitive challenges. The need to integrate new technology. We've seen it all—and developed a strategy to maximize it or crafted a plan to overcome it!  Single branch, branch network, LPO into full service, new market, market fill-in—all require unique strategic assessment and evaluation. When it comes to branches, branch planning, and space utilization, experience matters. [...]

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Staying Productive in the Winter Months


The holidays are over.  The twinkle lights and the decorations are all stashed away for another year.  And now – and now, what?  If you’re like me, the cold and darker days of the winter months have me dragging myself through the day on autopilot.  But now is not the time to stagnate.  There are ways to help your staff stay engaged. Some tricks for a more motivated staff are simple, explains an article on Stay social. Encourage your people not to eat at their desk alone.  Eating with co-workers helps keep us from feeling isolated and encourages healthy, working [...]

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The concept of Hygge peaked in 2016 but, as we move into the 2020 winter season, we are reminded that the feeling of warmth, contentment, and well- being is still ever present. Pronounced “hoo-guh,” the word is Danish in origin and translates to cozy, and winter is the most hygge time of the year. It can be used as a noun, verb, adjective, and compound noun and is present in the small things in life – but particularly it is a psychological state or feeling of warmth. Louisa Thomsen Brits, a British-Danish writer, casts hygge as a state of mindfulness: how to [...]


Cause for Pause:Take Time to Evaluate Your Branch Image and Brand


Quick. Name every piece of furniture in your living room. Think hard. The easy ones come fast—sofa, end table, even light. Not quite as dominant as furniture but a big part of the picture as well are accent pieces and accessories: books on the end table, the art on the wall, the color of the frames, etc. They are hard to recall. It’s a phenomenon that happens to us all. A room becomes so familiar that, in a sense, we stop seeing it for what it is. Now, apply the same test to your branches and operations centers. Tired paint? [...]

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